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Established over ten years ago Puerto Rico Baseball league has provided the opportunity for thousands of local youth to learn and built their skills in the game of baseball. We have teams starting with Tee Ball at the tender age of 4 and provide leagues into adulthood. Puerto Rico Baseball League works directly with local neighborhoods to organize and establish teams. We also provide support and equipment so that leagues can be formed, schedules created and games played. We have had tremendous support from community leaders and businesses enabling us to be able to provide each league with the basic equipment necessary to operate. This includes things like balls, bats, helmets, bases and other essentials. It also includes support and training for teams and coaches.baseball

Baseball is an important sport to the youth of Puerto Rico and is the most popular sport on the island. Our young people gain inspiration from the many from our small island that have made professional careers as baseball players. Many of these players return to Puerto Rico and support our cause. Through the support of these professional players, when teams do well, they gain the chance to travel to the States to play in tournaments. Without the financial support of these players, the dreams of so many of our youth would not be realized.

Our mission includes providing the opportunity to play baseball regardless of ability to pay. For those families that cannot afford league fees we provide scholarships. These scholarships are paid for through donations from local businesses who support our efforts.

One of the great things about living in Puerto Pico is that we offer baseball leagues year around. The tropical weather is a great benefit and enables our players to become very competitive international players with the additional playing time.

With the support of the community, fields are maintained and when needed, lighting is provided for evening games and practices. We work with community leaders with regard to the needs of the league along with scheduling of games and practices.

The Puerto Rico Baseball League provides a great service to our local communities. Providing after school sports enables young people to gain important life skills, and provides a supervised environment that keeps kids out of trouble. Baseball is a team sport that requires the team to work together to win a game. These are skills that when developed will be used throughout their lives. We teach competiveness and drive in a positive manner. Where the children learn to be good sports and to win and lose gracefully. While everyone wants to always win, there are important lessons in both the winning and losing of the game.

In addition to supporting our youth, Puerto Rico Baseball League provides coaches and training for coaches so that our youth can have the competitive advantage. These coaches learn skills that enable them to teach the basic skills to the children, as well as providing them with resources needed to find success.