Buying Baseball Equipment

baseball-equipmentIn some respects baseball can be a very inexpensive sport to play. Because it is a team sport the team provides general equipment like balls, helmets and bats. Basically you can show up with a baseball glove and be ready to play.

However, as you begin playing you realize that there are very distinct advantages to owning your own equipment. If you plan to play baseball more than a season there are certain items that are very useful to have in your arsenal. This equipment will make you a better player and will help you improve in the sport much faster.

A few items that most ball players have include the following:

A glove that matches your position. When you purchase a glove consider what position you will be playing. Outfield and infield gloves are designed differently so that they meet the needs of the position. Pitchers, first basemen, and catchers have gloves especially designed for those positions. Do a little research and find a glove that will help you perform the best in the position you will be playing most often.

A good pair of cleats. While technically you can play baseball in tennis shoes, cleats make a huge impact on speed and performance. Whether you are running to catch a fly ball, or making your way around the bases a good pair of cleats will increase your speed and accuracy. They also grip the ground when playing in less than perfect conditions.

A batting glove. These are inexpensive and invaluable. A batting glove provides a better grip on the bat, a stronger swing and will improve your batting performance. Some players prefer two gloves and others prefer one, but all players will tell you a batting glove is an essential piece of equipment that will allow you to perform at your best.

A bat. While teams provide bats and often players are willing to share their bats, having your own has a lot of advantages. Bats have different weights and lengths and are made of different materials. When you purchase your own bat you are investing in a bat that is the right weight and length for you. Bats are also made of either wood or aluminum. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. By purchasing your own bat you will have a bat that you gain confidence and comfort with using. When you use the same bat every day you can begin to let the bat work for you in making the ball go further with each hit.

Batting helmets are typically provided by the team. These helmets are not very expensive and it is nice to have a helmet that only you use. When you purchase your own helmet you have one this fits properly. Some helmets have guards in front and some do not. With your own helmet you can choose which style you like. Most team helmets have worn out interiors which give a lot less protection than a helmet that is only used by you.

When looking at what you need to play the game, prioritize which pieces of equipment are the most important to you and then begin to build your base so that you can perform at your best every game.